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Welcome to Catseyecology!


Unlike a “Birds Eye View” where you get an overall view of a bigger picture, Catseyecology offers you a smaller, detailed glimpse of my Alaska and the world that surrounds me.

So kick back, relax and prepare to see my world and share in my thoughts.  While here you can visit:

The Crazy Ravens - a group of Bead Artists and Crafters from Alaska and various parts of the Country who have joined together to create some amazing works of Art.  Pieces sold are listed under the Artist.... feel free to browse their work and you might find that special piece.

My Alaska - This is my Alaska where you will find information, tidbits, recipes, pictures and so much more!  I will tell you about the 5 Regions that are the foundation of Alaska. Read about the regional differences and maybe touch upon the Native cultures and the people that have called Alaska home for over 10,000 years.  Learn about conservation efforts in Alaska, wildlife, fauna, natural herbs and remedies found that add to the Subsistance way of life that we are so famous for.

Is an Alaska vacation in your future?  Maybe you do not know anyone in Alaska or have questions before you make that visit or maybe you are just curious.  Send me a message or find us on facebook because you always have friends here in Alaska that are ready, willing and able to point you on your next Alaskan Adventure.

Poetry by SnoCat – Original poetry by C.R. Bullington - "all right reserved by author"

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