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Hello and welcome to my online home, my little piece of the world wide web.


In 1969 my parents moved to Alaska, eventually ending up in what is in the top 3 of the most inhospitable places on earth to survive.  The Aleution chain; it became my hell, my haven, my home and forever where I find a sense of peace unlike anywhere I have ever lived.  Today I reside in the Matanuska Susitna Valley, it is where my kids were raised and where most continue to live and raise their children.   For now it is where I choose to work, play and stay curious.  Six grown kids grace my life; Tristan, Ziek, Sandra, Kaira-bou, Kelsey and Stephanie - some biological and some I have been blessed to have in my life and/or call my own.  Through them 7 more little souls honor my life with their presence; my handsome little man Cam, Punky Munky, Po, Tank, Tempii, Azurah and Thatcher.... all of which are the brightest rays of light in this crazy world.

Creating with beads and shiny things has been my craft of choice for over 25 years.  As an Alaska Bead Artist I love to add other mediums into my work which led to the founding of the Crazy Ravens in 2007.  In 2017 I founded Alaska’s 1st Adult Coloring Club where I find even more inspiration for using colors in a completely different context.  My working life is hectic with my hands in a little of everything, preferring to work for myself unless it means collaborating with others on something much larger than myself.  My work involves: research, project/event coordination and grant writing... just some of the duties that keep my interest at peek level.  

My years have seen early childhood traumas/abuses and all the stuff that comes with it, followed by years of doctors/surgeries for a child with medical challenges, Millers Reach disaster in 1996 that destroyed all we owned from pets to vehicles and everything in between, the experience of being a volunteer EMT/Fire Fighter who fought that same fire to the end and having the time of my life albeit, also one of the worst times of my life and most recently Alaska's 2018 Earthquake that destroyed our home of 22 years.  These are the miracles of life and I truly believe... that in the worst of times if you look hard enough and with a different mind you will find the miracle in each of yours as well.  This does not always happen over night sometimes it can take years for it all to manifest yet, sometimes just mere moments.  I do not define myself by my past nor do I choose to live there… for me it is all about the moment, the here and the now and it rarely involves the future.  I choose to see each of life’s hurdles as a direct personal challenge from the great Universe and eventually grateful for each new understanding.  Aside from all of this I love the constant change, challenge and especially freedoms that Alaska offers in excessive abundance.

All of this does not answer "who I am" only what has led me here to this day and this time.  Much like the name implies…. I am a Cat in personality as well as name.  Admittedly, my curiosity has gotten the best of me on more than one occasion yet, I am a firm believer that curiosity may very well have killed the cat however; satisfaction brings it back time and again.