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Welcome to the home of the Crazy Ravens!


Our mission is to teach the art of beading, assist new artists in finding their platform, creation with various mixed mediums, collaboration on group projects, community fundraiser projects for non-profits and families seeking funding for medical needs…. and, let us not forget about the fun and camaraderie of being with fellow artists.    

As an Alaska bead artist I found that Alaska was missing creative outlets for coming together as a group to enjoy our craft.   In 2007 the Crazy Ravens was formed, fulfilling that need for bead artists of all levels.    We have grown over the years to stretch beyond our beads and shiny things to incorporate other mediums in our work.  We welcome artists of all skill level, from all over the world to join us and become a Crazy Raven too.  If you are a master artist or still struggling to find your medium then maybe we are the group for you.  At present we are FREE to join, as our groups online presence grows this could change in the future due to cost of shipping kits/materials that may be required for projects/challenges or contests, prizes also mailed via this method.     

For the Alaskan Crazy Ravens that can join us in the physical, we gather together once month for creative fun.  We hold contests for prizes and work on larger group projects.  All projects incorporate beads in some way and are designed to use various mediums, keep in mind that we have members who are not beaders by nature.  All projects can be completed by anyone of any level of skills providing you are up to the challenge.  

For our online Crazy Ravens our projects/challenges/contests are posted on our Facebook so that all can participate.  Members are not required to participate and can join us just for the fun.  We often will do member challenges/swaps and make things for each other, contests for prizes and, you can join with us in doing larger projects to support a worthy cause.      

Please take a look around at some of our past/present Contests/Projects.    We invite you to get to know some of our members and the creative work they do.  For some this is a means of showcasing their beadwork or art.   Pieces for sale will be listed by Artist…. take a look now and maybe you will find that special piece.