Welcome to the Alaska Bait Box!


Have you ever wondered what Alaska is really all about? 

Many people save their pennies for decades for that once in a lifetime special vacation to Alaska and many more never reach our shores.  Those who do make it rarely wish to leave us and rightly so when we have so much to offer you;  glacier tours, whale watching, hiking, train rides, dog sledding, bird watching, Denali Mountain (Mt. Mckinley to the rest  of the  world),  best Salmon  and Halibut fishing  in the world, Northern Lights, bears, more eagles in one  view than you have fingers on your hands, Alaskan artists, totem poles, rich native cultures and so much more than can be listed here......  and lets not forget the food.   Here is your chance to get that opportunity to learn, see and yes.... even taste a little bit of Alaska.



ALASKA BAIT BOX is from my family to yours, our way of sharing the best of our home with you.





  #1 - The Great One


Named the Denali Mountain, The Great One is all that and more.  Loaded with Alaskan goodies of all kinds!

Full assortment of items from a special Alaskan Artist to delicious foods.... 

A little bit of everything we have in One Great box.                                                    



  #2 - The Sleeping

        Lady (for her)


Learn the story of Susitna the Sleeping Lady.

Perfect gift for the woman who loves adventure and loads of surprises in her life.

Unique items from Alaskan Artists and delicious foods to homemade fireweed honey.

Bathe her in products made in Alaska that will soothe her senses.



  #3 - The Yukon

        Cache (for him)


Desinged for the "him" in your life, whether it is your dad, your son, your grad. or your honey.. does not matter.

All the things a man in Alaska needs, eats, wears and loves!

Adventure and survival thats what you will find in this box for the perfect man in your life.

Reindeer Sausage and exotic meats from Alaska's very own Indian Valley Meats.



  #4 - The Cheechako


If you know someone planning their trip to Alaska then send them The Cheechako.

Filled with tidbits of Alaska, information on special local spots and wonderful adventures. 

Get sample of Alaskan foods, sights and sounds.... come prepared for your Alaska vacation.

Learn what you like and want more of when you get here, includes a map.



  #5 - The Aleution 



Enjoy some of Alaska's finest foods from Smoked Salmon to Fireweed Honey.... Buffalo sausage farmed right here in Alaska. 

Alaskan made chocolates and hand made candies and fudge from Anchorage to the Matanuska Susitna Valley.

*The Aleution Pride box only; included unique Alaska Recipe with special ingredient for you to make and serve.

Perfect for any college student, office worker or anyone in your life who loves food in their life.



  #6 - Custom Orders


Customize this Bait Box for someone special in your life; choose the colors, sizes, gender or special oddity from Alaska.

Want more Alaska food or art, clothes or videos?  You get to choose what goes in your Bait Box.

Order what you know they love or maybe what they have always wanted to see or try.... anything can be found in Alaska.

Cost is customized per order instructions.    



  #7 - Yukon Quest


All for the little ones in your life, an Alaska Adventure all in a box.

You pick the size, colors, gender and help us design your Yukon Quest in style.

Videos of Alaska wildlife and educational opportunites await.

Also included is one (1) special Alaskan toy for your child with foods they are guaranteed to love!