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Authors Mission Statement

At heart I am am an Artist, whether it be with my beadword, colors or words.  My writing is a means of putting my thoughts and emotions

into words... or art.  By nature I am highly empathic and perceptive to energies all around me which make writing a means of self analysis

and deeper understanding.   The world around me inspires me:  people, culture, art, environment, nature and spirituality are just some of

my muses.  Pure emotion is the greatest influence of all; love, hate, death, anger, hurt, lonliness and broken hearts are all catnip in my

mind.  My words are only meant to inspire the reader with deeper thoughts of the world around them, to maybe get a glimpse of another

view of the same picture.  My poetry is not intended to inhibit anger, promote negative feelings or to pre-judge any race, ethnicity, people,

creature or religion in any way what-so-ever.    After decades of writing it is possible that one day you will find my poetry grace the pages

of a book of my very own but...... today is not that day.


* All poetry on is the sole ownership of author C.R. Bulllington:  "All Rights Reserved" do not reproduce with out author permission.


You are so much a part of me... inside and out for all to see.

Within my heart, mind, body and soul... it is the part you play in my life.

It is your only role.

Together we share the name of the within... in my soul you hide much like a second skin.

You teach me to see what was never really there... with a keen ability to just stop and stare.

So I look to within to see my true side... for it is inside of me where the Cat likes to hide.

Author C.R. Bullington


While we sleep in the night, they dance above us in the sky.

Round and round we still do not know why.

In the ripples and the waves.... they dance to the rhythm of the cold clear night.

Silently they creep across the sky, their colors so brilliant and so true.

Containing the power to invoke the spirits within you.

Some say they are the doors to open heavens gate


perhaps the silent music of the gods.

I don't know but I can wait to discover the answers behind the light.

It is there, I cannot deny, so far up...... so high.

So, in all of your glory, dance this night and keep us in your sight.

Hear the song I sing to you.

So come along and dance with me..... alone in the midst of the Northern Lights.

Author C.R. Bullington



Known as The Last Great Race, run with a mass of is truly a state of grace.

It is a a discovery of self and pure human stealth. 

To attempt this race you obtain great wealth.

Not, in riches or gold but lessons untold.... that give us the knowledge we seek only in the old.

A friendship nurtured by man and by beast..... it will carry them through to the final feast.

It is a race to heaven, a race to Nome.... it is the place the Inupiat call their home.

And even the Lantern is carried with great pride.... because it is one hell of a race and one hell of a ride.

Author C.R. Bullington


For God so loved the world... he gave his precious son.

As a lesson for all Man... to show the things we've done.

I for one have learned... these lessons from above.

As a child with no beginning... my faith had just begun.

Now here I stand beside you... my fellow man today.

And whisper ancient wisdom... from the lands of yesterday.

Our sons are all we have... to prove that we were here.

Teach them love and understanding... and try to hold them near.

For in the end, we'll look to them... to see how well we've done.

And pray to God our souls were saved, by the blood of his only son.

Author C.R. Bullington


I see today the child you were yesterday.

Yesterday I saw the woman that you will be tomorrow.

Tomorrow you will be the person I always wanted you to be.

Be all that you are and succeed in all that you do.

Do not doubt your abilities to win at what you choose.

Choose to learn instead from when you do not win.

Win at whatever you desire.

Desire what you can achieve.

Achieve all the dreams I have for you.

You are my dream and my dream has come true.

Love Mom

Author C.R. Bullington


Oh, the troubled soul... it twists and turns, tumbles and rolls.

Like the ocean and its tides... over the sand and shore it rides.

It takes time to smooth the pebbles... it takes time to forget ones troubles.

Through the claming of the seas... emotions soar as if on a magical breeze.

It is a moment of glory a sense of the divine.

For deap withing the troubled waters... I trust all will be fine.

Trust in who you are... know that what will be ... will be.

And the soul will always be free with the calming of the seas.

Author C.R. Bullington


I see the flag in my rearview mirror... tattered and torn, beaten and weather worn.

It still stands proud, still stands tall... all fifty stars, for one and for all.

Rags now, it blows in the breeze... still fighting the battle over endless seas.

The Red, the White and the Blue... tell me, what does it mean to you?

For me these rags are a symbol of faith... unity by people regardless of color, size or shape.

It is why we are here... why America is not just a name.

Rather a belief that all men are equal and all life bleeds the same.

Author C.R. Bullington